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Yogi Tea Stomach ease (for digestion) - Ayurvedic herbal tea Organic Portion 17 x 1.8 g198/S211

Ayurvedic blend with cardamom, fennel and ginger.

Yogi Tea Breathe Deep (bronchial) - Ayurvedic Herbal Tea Organic Portion 17 × 1.8 g198/S210

Ayurvedic blend with eucalyptus, basil and thyme.

Yogi Tea Christmas (Christmas) - Ayurvedic Herbal Tea Organic Portion 17 × 2.1 g198/S208

Ayurvedic blend with honeybush, cinnamon and star anise.

Yogi Tea Matcha Lemon Ayurvedic green tea matcha with 17 × 1.8 g198/S143

Ayurvedic blend with green tea, Matcha, lemon grass and lime.

Yogi Tea wellbeing (overall balance) Ayurvedic herbal tea 17 x 1.8 g198/S141

Ayurvedic blend with cinnamon, sage and oregano.

Yogi Tea Detox Ayurvedic herbal tea 17 x 1.8 g198/S138

Ayurvedic blend with liquorice, dandelion, cinnamon.

Bedtime Yogi Tea (better sleep) Ayurvedic herbal tea 17 x 1.8 g198/S137

Ayurvedic blend with fennel, chamomile flowers, valerian root.

Yogi Tea Immune Support (immune system) of herbal-fruit tea 17 x 2 g198/S125

Ayurvedic blend with echinacea, acerola cherry and elderberry.

Yogi Tea Black tea White tea aloe vera Aloe Vera 17 x 1.8 g198/S118

This unique Yogi Tea blend combines carefully selected white tea with aloe vera, mildly spicy turmeric and fragrant chamomile flowers.

Ayurveda, literally translated "knowledge of life," is considered the oldest comprehensive medical system about the principles of a healthy way of life.