Meditation Mats and Chairs

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cyps fitness pilates comfort yoga pad anthrazit karton
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Oval Yoga pad to ease stress on the joints.

Bodhi Yoga chair without front crosspiece15225
Bodhi Yoga chair
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Bodhi Yoga seat without the front cross-member typical device yoga, used in Iyengar yoga.

Bodhi chair to the floor Mandiri11488/TMA
Bodhi Floor chair Mandir
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Floor chair for meditation with upholstered backrest for comforable sitting on the ground. The...



Enjoy meditation with a wide selection of meditation cushions for sitting on the ground or on zabuton. Depending on the type of seating you can choose rondo, zafu (wider), crescent or extra wide flat pillows.
Not only will sitting and meditation make you more comfortable, it will also help with back pain and relieve sore muscles - once you try a meditation pillow, you will love it.