Props for Yoga and Pilates


Exercise equipment helps us both in the beginning when we have shortened muscles and stiffened body and in more advanced yoga positions when we are looking for a deepening of the position, greater scope and stability. The essential yoga equipment is a yoga block, band, yoga towel and meditation pillow.

Mat cleaners are essential for the care and durability of the mat. You could use other yoga equipment for specific exercises and therapies, such as a yoga wheel, bolster-roller, seats, futons, etc. Some types, such as Iyengar yoga or yoga therapy and yin yoga, use a larger number of yoga equipment for a quality individual approach and consideration of the body's condition. Equipment is also suitable for fitness, Pilates or rehabilitation exercises. You also find expanders, resistance rubbers, rollers, pilates equipment, nasal showers, blankets, tarps, meditation mats, and other equipment in this category.

Check our wide selection of specialized accessories and yoga equipment for your workout.

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Bodhi prickly massage ball SPIKY different sizes15849/9 C3
from €3,29
kbset3 pilates und fitness faszien massage ball kork set 2021
from €6,95
resistance band 11943
Bodhi Mini Spike Fascia massage roller to massage fasciálnu14133
resistance band 999/S6
yke30 yoga kork elipse 30 2 (1)
Unfold 2.0 Yoga Strap - Midnight (blue)1420/244 416016030
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