Drums and Percussion

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Sonic Energy MEINL Thunder Drum TD-L Large (L TD)15207

MEINL Sonic Energy Thunder Drum TD-L Large (TD-L) creates the authentic sounds of storm.

Sonic Energy MEINL Hand Drum 40.6 cm - Flower Of Life (HD16WB-FOL)15201

Meinl Sonic Energy Hand Drum 40.6 cm - Flower Of Life (HD16WB-FOL) is hand made a masterpiece...


Here you can find products from the well-known German brand Meinl Sonic Energy, which offers musical instruments tuned to specific frequencies, which help to balance the body's energy through sound therapy. Drums and percussion instruments are a great addition to soundhealing and fine-tuning the atmosphere. The German brand Bodhi also offers quality instruments in several sizes.