Travel Yoga Mats for Pilates and Fitness

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Bodhi yoga mat and towel travel Mat YATRA 183 x 60 cm12714/TYR
€28 –28 %

Bodhi Yoga Mat and Towel YATRA is very thin yoga mat with towel. Easy to fold and great for travel.

Bodhi Lotus Pro Light TPE yoga mat 4 mm13017/RUZ
€32 –6 %

Bodhi Lotus Pro Light TPE yoga mat is lighter and thinner alternative to Lotus Pro. It is perfect for travelling.

Manduka Eko Superlite ™ Acai travel yoga mat1756

Yoga mat for travelers, who can not imagine a holiday or business trip without yoga. Weighing less than 1 kg it is easy to carry and does not take up much space and still...

Bodhi ecoPRO Diamond Mat yoga mat 185 x 60 cm (6 mm)13020/ZEL

Diamond ECOPRO Bodhi Yoga Mat is extra-thick yoga mat made of natural rubber. Open-cell structure provides a fantastic grip, even in hot and sweaty conditions.


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