Tachyon Accessories

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Organic Coconut Oil Cold Pressed12311/30
from €21,90

Coconut oil can be classified as healthy and healing super foods . In daily use can help improve...

Tachyon Wristband
Tachyon Wristband
In stock (1 pcs)

Tachyonized Wristbands are made from durable, double-woven cotton terrycloth. They are...

Tachyonized Eye Pillow
Sale Bestseller
€58,50 –6 %
Tachyonized Eye Pillow
In stock (1 pcs)

The Tachyonized Eye Pillow is a powerful antenna, balancing a variety of issues,...

Tachyonized Cell Phone Family Kit

The Tachyon Micro-Disk transforms the disruptive wave patterns of harmful EMFs into a coherent,...

Tachyonized ULTRA Liberty Belt

The Liberty Belt employs a set of three Tachyonized™ 4-inch (10cm) Ultra Disks™, creating one of...


Tachyon pads for babies for balance and strength subtle organizational energy fields (SOEP) at all levels of the body-mind-spirit system, shoe insoles, eye pillows for meditation, rest, sleep or specific eye problems, or sweatbands for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, sprains or tendonitis. All this is offered by the Tachyon technologies brand.


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