Meditation pillows for sitting and meditation

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Enjoy your meditation with a wide selection of meditation pillows for sitting on the ground or a toilet and mat. Depending on the type of sitting, you can choose the type of rondo, zafu (wider), crescent or extra wide flat pillows for meditation. Choose a pillow according to height - the stiffer your lower body muscles, the higher the pillow you choose. The yoga meditation pillow is often filled with spelled skins from an organic farm or natural cotton wool - kapok. Check also the other meditation equipment in our accessories and gifts section.

A yoga pillow makes sitting and meditation more enjoyable, but it also helps your sore back and relieves overworked muscles - whoever tries once on a meditation pillow will fall in love with it. For beginners in meditation, we recommend the Rondo round meditation pillow, on which it is possible to sit and kneel comfortably.

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