Cleansing Tools

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Bodhi Ayurvedic tongue scraper copper198/S54

Ayurvedic tongue scraper made of pure copper - cleaning your tongue will give you fresh breath...

Anu Thailam Nimi Ayurveda 10ml

Anu Thailam is an ayurvedic premium nasal oil with incomparably aromatic fragrance. In...

Bodhi Mandala watercan Neti nasal lavage11914/ZEL
€14 –0 %

This attractive Jala Neti-pot with Mandala is 250 ml and is used for effective sinus irrigation...

Bodhi OM watercan Neti nasal lavage11188
€14 –0 %

This attractive Neti-pot with OM symbol is 250 ml and is used for effective sinus irrigation.

502x yoga meditation pilates kupferbecher sammelbild

In Ayurveda, copper cups have always been valued for their health-promoting properties. According...

copper bottle
from €24,95

In Ayurveda, copper bottles have always been valued for their health-promoting properties....


Cleansing tools

Purification techniques were once an integral part of yoga and were practiced before the asana exercises. In classical yoga texts, six cleansing or purifying techniques of the aspirant yoga are described, which aim at physical and mental cleansing. We also know the cleaning techniques under the term kriya or even shatkarma.

Their goal is to purify the body and mind, i.e., remove toxins and negative thoughts that could stand in the practitioner’s way for his ultimate goal - samadhi (stopping the mind, contemplation). The primary categories of cleansing equipment include néti, dhauli, nauli, kapalabhati and tratak. You find the most well-known cleaning aids for individual techniques, such as tongue scrapers or nose rinsers.

Find out more in the article: Why it is beneficial to try cleansing techniques of SHAT KARMA or KRIJA


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