Cleansing Tools

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Anu Thailam Ayurvedic nasal oil 10 ml

Anu Thailam is an ayurvedic premium nasal oil with incomparably aromatic fragrance. In the Ayurvedic daily ritual, which includes the cleansing of all sensory organs...

Bodhi Ayurvedic tongue scraper copper198/S54

In Ayurveda tongue cleaning in the morning is part of the daily oral hygiene.

Bodhi Mandala watercan Neti nasal lavage11914/ZEL
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This attractive Jala Neti-pot with Mandala is 250 ml and is used for effective sinus irrigation and Jala neti practice.

Bodhi OM watercan Neti nasal lavage11188
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This attractive Neti-pot with OM symbol is 250 ml and is used for effective sinus irrigation.


Cleansing tools

Cleansing tools.