Massage Rollers

Massage foam rollers are tools for the pre-workout phase to prepare the muscles for the load and as the primary training accessory in training. A rehabilitation roller is also a tool that will help you relax your fascia and regenerate muscles and mental well-being after a challenging day. In addition, the use of a fitness roller increases blood and oxygen flow and affects the skin’s elasticity, which women will especially appreciate in the fight against cellulite.

With the help of your weight, enjoy a deep muscle massage, whether with structured, more rigid rollers or smooth, softer ones. Check rollers of various sizes, structured, smooth, rollers of smaller dimensions, and massage rollers for foot massage rods. The world's most popular brands are Trigger Point and Blackroll.

Use foam rollers for yoga, Pilates and fitness exercises. The price of the massage roller differs from the quality of the material used and the functions - vibrating roller, articulated, smooth, etc.

Benefits of exercise with a massage roller:

  • better range of motion for muscles and joints
  • better flexibility of the body and thus prevention of injuries
  • higher blood and oxygen flow
  • increase in sports performance
  • relief of muscle pain
  • stress reduction
  • helps to fight the cellulite
  • improved sleep
  • improved overall neuromuscular coordination


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