Yoga Cork and EVA Blocks

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks, bricks, exercise cubes improve stability, depth of positions or body opening. The chosen material, hardness and color are entirely up to you. Foam blocks are light and portable. On the other hand, Yoga cork blocks have greater strength, weight, and resistance to damage. The cork block has a more pleasant feel and helps maintain the grip during active exercise.

Yoga cubes are one of the essential equipment in yin yoga and iyengar yoga or stretching. It is ideal to have two pieces of bricks available for versatile use.

Yoga block helps:

  • improve stability in positions
  • deepen positions
  • support parts of the body during static exercises within yoga therapy

How to choose a yoga cube?

By size and type, we recognize:

Regular yoga blocks - versatile use

XL blocks - for more support and a more robust body build

How to take care of yoga blocks?

Clean with a cloth and water. Cork blocks absorb part of the water, so it is good to let them dry in the open air sufficiently.

Other essential yoga equipments include:

yoga towel

yoga band

mat bag

yoga circle

yoga cylinder - bolster

VIDEO: Yoga block exercises:

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