Liforme Gold Phoenix Yoga Mat 185 x 68 cm x 4,2mm

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The Liforme Gold Phoenix Yoga Mat provides a natural anti-slip surface that will hold you in any difficult position. Weighing about 2.5 kg, this mat represents an excellent compromise between lightness and comfort for your joints. Suitable for Yoga, Pilates or Fitness.

Yoga mat bag included.

Detailed information

Product detailed description



  • Length: 185 cm
  • Width: 68 cm
  • Thickness: 4.2 mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Color: red with golden phoenix

nastavenia FEATURES

  • 4,2 mm thickness is the ideal compromise between weight and soft cushioning of the mat
  • the natural surface of the mat ensures non-slip even in high humidity or sweating
  • sustainable production ensures high-quality material that does not crumble, tear or fade. The qualities of the yoga mat improve even over time.
  • patented anti-slip surface from the bottom side
  • excess material from the production process is recycled and used for the production of other products, which does not generate any unnecessary waste
  • natural rubber and eco - polyurethane



  • a unique alignforme system that acts as a guiding tool
  • intuitive and user-friendly line marking provides you help with basic positions
  • suitable for every yogi and for any style of yoga


  • Grip as a warrior: Patanjali hit the nail on the head when he said: "Sthira Sukh Asan" (Asana is stable and comfortable position). One of the main features of yoga mat is to provide a good grip. Slippery surface on yoga mat can make your exercise very unpleasant, reducing its effectiveness and even you can get hurt. We took all this into consideration when finding the best material for yogamats. "GripForMe" material is the least slippery material, you should give it a try..
  • Body and planet friendly: We believe that we should be as considerate about the planet as possible, right? Well, some companies are still in the Stone Age. Fortunately, we aren´t ... We also thought about the well-being of your body, so we used the most comfortable materials we found. For most mats, we used naturally available rubber from a sustainable source. We would rather engrave the "AlignForMe" brands into a yoga mat than use ink that is dangerous for the nature. The yogamat is sealed by a new thermal system, which replaced gluing with toxic glues. Our yogamat does not contain any heavy metals such as lead or cadmium.
  • Unique "AlignForMe" system: Our new AlignForMe system has the function of accurately guiding your body through the mat while practicing Asana. You will no longer have to wander around the mat and bother with where to put which arm or leg. Our system is unique. The combination of signs gives you as much help as you need, it's up to you.
  • Wider and longer: Many of us live in cities and are forced to practice in small spaces - in apartments, bumping into furniture or in crowded yoga studios. It is more pleasant for us to have a little more space and that is exactly how we made our yogamats. Because our yoga mat is a little wider and longer, really anyone can practice on it.
  • Support, stability and cushioning: We don't know each and everyone of you, but in some positions the bony parts of the body touch the ground and this is not pleasant at all. These bony parts should be protected. We used a strong and hard natural rubber, which we supplemented with soft felt. In this way, the yogamat provides strong, but comfortable support during exercise.
  • Created by Yogis for Yogis: During the creating process, we consulted and obtained information from the best yogis in the world. All of us at Liforma love yoga, which is why we have prepared a quality product for you to practice yoga.
  • Perfect quality: Perfect quality: Perfect result is our priority. Liforme yoga mat is as good as possible. For this we stand!


1. Is the strap / bag included?

Yes, the bag is included in the package.

2. Is the mat suitable for other exercises?


3. Can the mat be washed in the washing machine?

At our sole discretion, we do not guarantee that the mat will not be damaged. We do not recommend it.

4. Will a length of 185 cm be enough for me when I measure 190 cm?

Yes. In common positions such as warrior, plank, dog face down or up, we always use a certain part of the mat and the body is not fully stretched. Even when lying down, the head is placed on the top, so we do not reach the full height as when standing.

5. Won´t be the mat too heavy?

The higher weight of the mat ensures a better distribution on the floor and you do not have to worry about the edges of the mat turning towards the center. In most cases, we only move the pad from one place to another for a short time, and when you consider all the other benefits of this pad, the higher weight will certainly not interfere with you. If you need to travel often, we recommend just looking at the category of travel folding pads.

6. How to improve the adhesion of the mat?

Nothing special needs to be done with PU (polyurethane) mats, the surface is sufficiently adhesive and holds wet and dry. The pad is heavy, so it adheres firmly to the floor.

7. If the mat is sold out, when will it be available again?

If the mat is marked as "On request", you can order it straight away and you will receive information about the approximate delivery time directly to the email after closing the order. We order the goods regularly, so the given pad can also be on the way to our warehouse, or we will fit in the specified delivery date (usually sooner :). If "Temporarily sold out" is listed, the supplier does not currently have the pad in stock and the delivery time may be slightly longer. Then feel free to write to us and we will send you the best possible information about availability. Alternatively, you can "guard the product" and as soon as it is in stock we will receive an email about availability.

Additional parameters

Category: Regular Yoga Mats for Pilates and Fitness
Warranty: 2 years
Thickness: 4 mm
Surface: natural rubber
Color: Red, gold
Type: Body Art, Ashtanga yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga
Weight of product: 2 - 3 kg

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Liforme Yoga Mat



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