Acupressure massage mats

The acupressure mat consists of several small plastic spikes that exert pressure on the acupressure points on the feet and all over the body. The mat releases a blocked flow of energy throughout the body. We also know the mat as a hedgehog or applicator massage pad, a shakti pad, etc., which work on the same principle – improving the blood flow of the particular area and subsequent release of stress, anxiety and stiffness.

Regular use of the massage pad helps reduce headaches, joints, back pain, and neck pain and helps improve sleep, indigestion and blood circulation.

In the category, you will find acupressure massage mats such as:

  • foot pad
  • acupressure set mats on the back and pillow under the head
  • XL acupressure mat and head pillow set with extended calf section
  • eco acupuncture mats made of coconut fibers

VIDEO: What is the difference between massage mats?

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