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Tachyonized Wristbands are made from durable, double-woven cotton terrycloth. They are appreciated by those who use their hands a lot during the workday. This includes energy workers, physicians, body builders, massage therapists, construction workers, athletes, computer operators.

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Color: Black
On request 1 - 2 weeks* | WBDBH
Color: purple
On request 1 - 2 weeks* | WBDPH
Color: Red
On request 1 - 2 weeks* | WB-R_H
Color: White
On request 1 - 2 weeks* | WBDWH
Color: Grey
On request 1 - 2 weeks* | WB-DG_H
Color: Navy
On request 1 - 2 weeks* | WBDNH

Product detailed description

Using Tachyonized Wristbands charges the SOEFs, increasing the bioenergetics potential and allowing the area to return to its natural state of balance. If an imbalance has already occurred, Tachyonized Wristbands will help facilitate its return to balance. You should wear the wristbands as much as possible, 24 hours a day, until the symptoms of imbalance have cleared.

They can be worn anywhere they comfortably fit. Individuals have used them on their ankles and elbows.

Tachyonized Wristbands come 2 per package. The Deluxe Wristbands are about 2 1/2 inches long (5cm) and comfortably stretch to about 7 inches (17,5cm).  It is important that the wristbands fit comfortably and are not too tight.

It is suggested to hand wash and line dry them to preserve the integrity of the terrycloth material.

Available colors: Black, Grey, Navy Blue, Purple, White, Pink, Red

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Category: Tachyon Accessories
Warranty: 2 years

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The company was founded in the early 1990s by David Wagner, author of the Tachyon Chamber, based on research by Nikola Tesla. To this day, it is the only company producing original patented Tachyon products in the world. The official manufacturer is Advanced Tachyon Technologies based in the USA. The most popular products include Tachyon Silica Discs, Pather Juice, Silica Gel, Micro Discs and Tachyonized Water. ATTI is one of the leaders in electrosmog protection (EMF) and is currently working on 5G protection.

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