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We at Lotuscrafts want to inspire people with our our high quality and eco friendly products to practice yoga and meditation.


  • [LOTUS]In many Eastern cultures, the lotus flower is a symbol of purity, peace and beauty. The lotus flower owes this special reputation to its extraordinary surface structure, which lets water, particles of dust, mud and micro-organisms drop off, allowing it to bloom in a constant state of perfect beauty.
  • [CRAFTS]High quality hand-crafted workmanship.

In today’s world, which is experiencing a steep rise in the search for meaning and new values, meditation is becoming increasingly popular and is fuelling demand for products that support its practice.

The name Lotuscrafts stands for the values that all of our products have in common: beauty, clarity and a high degree of hand-crafted workmanship. It should be a joy to see, touch and use our products.

At the same time, we pay attention to the use of sustainable materials and to decent labour conditions from start to finish of the production chain, so that you feel good when you hold one of our products in your hands.


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Lotuscrafts Yoga Mat MUDRA Studio L 5 mm14205/ZEL
€30 up to –10 %
from €26,90

Lotuscrafts universal yoga mat for beginners and advanced users. Suitable for Yoga, Pilates and...

Lotuscrafts Yoga mat yoga mat 4 mm OEKO11647/SED
Sale Bestseller
€64,95 –23 %
from €49,90

Lotuscrafts OEKO natural rubber yoga mat combines excellent anti-slip properties with support...

Lotuscrafts Yoga Mat Cork ALIGN 183 x 66 cm x 5 mm

CORK yoga mat with natural, soft cork surface and elastic TPE on the bottom.

Lotuscrafts Yoga Mat Cork Lotus 183 x 66 cm x 5 mm

CORK yoga mat with natural, soft cork surface and elastic TPE on the bottom.

Lotuscrafts Yoga Mat Pure yoga mat 4 mm12978/SED

This high-quality non-slip yoga mat PURE from natural rubber surface PU guaranteed to hold you...


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