Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat Kaleidoscope yoga mat 3.5 mm with carrying strap

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YDL Combo Mat Kaleidoscope is a premium Mat suitable for yoga consists of a combination anti-slip towel and mat. The pad is designed to exercise the dynamic types of yoga, such as Power, Ashtanga, Bikram or Hot Yoga, but it can also be used in Pilates and other exercises in which the sweat. Comfort for your joints ensures a thickness of 3,5 cm and a soft comfortable surface that is activated by water or sweat. This will help maintain stability in the position.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Yoga Design Lab develop materials environmentally friendly that is easy to maintain and preserve the beautiful colors of stylish themes. Model Combo Mat is a solution 2v1. Thickness provide ideal comfort for sensitive joints. The top layer is composed yogamats absorbent microfiber that is associated with natural rubber. Design patterns are color inks to clean water based. Along with washer and get easy adjustable strap to wear pads.

Note. The dry mat may slide. Washer works even better when wet.


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 edit Dimensions </ b> </ b> </ b>

standard Weight & Size: </ b>

< span style = "color: black; letter-spacing: 0.1P"> 1.8 </ b>
kg, 178 cm length, 61 cm wide, 3.5 mm thick.
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• thickness of 3.5 mm provides reliable protection of joints during exercise and traction on any surface (carpet, concrete, wood floor).
• microfiber " suede "finish pad provides slip resistance even at high humidity or sweating.
• ensuring sustainable production of high quality material that will not come, tear and does not fade.
• no smell of artificial colors.
• degradable in nature 100% eco-friendly, water-based dyes.
• PVC free , silicone and the use of toxic plasticizers.


Tip: If your hands are dry, sprinkle a little before exercise of pure water on the surface of substrate and activate the top layer



 TREATMENT CARE </ b> </ b>

STORAGE: </ b> </ b>

Zroluj substrate backsheet (no texture) inward. So by those in the exercise will not interfere with horns pads and not to you spontaneously curl upwards. In the beginning let yogamat distributed and regularly cleaned. Do not expose the washer excessive sunlight.

TREATMENT </ b> </ b>

life yogamats header care and regular cleaning. We recommend using Manduka Mat Cleanser Wash Spray, Kanto cleanser or gentle household cleaner without solvents. A further option is a home-made filter of apple cider vinegar and water 1: 1st Then you need have only a cloth or sponge. yogamat thoroughly cleanse and scrub well before using. To speed up the drying pad wrap in a towel and squeeze excess water from it. Dry sagging, do not use the dryer.

Machine washable at low temperatures (30 degrees), preferably in cold water. Do not use bleach!

Additional parameters

Category: Regular Yoga Mats for Pilates and Fitness
Warranty: 2 years
Thickness: 3,5 mm
Width: 61 cm
Product length: 178 cm
Material: natural rubber
Surface: Microfiber
Color: pink
Weight: Medium 2-3 kg
Type: Ashtanga Yoga, Hot Yoga

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Amazing design, quality and sustainability that's Yoga Design Lab! The story of this brand began during a holiday in Bali, after a return was decided. Move to Bali and create the first collection of yoga accessories that would be for people around the world. YDL also thinks of the community. Every $ 1 of sold goes to support Urban Youth Yoga Programs.



YOGA DESIGN LAB - An Introduction from Yoga Design Lab on Vimeo.