Behind every ONZIE piece lies a deep respect for what the human body can do. Whether you practice or work Onzie wants you to enjoy every move you make.

The brand was established in Venice Beach, California. In the epicenter of creativity and active life. It's the type of clothing you can wear for exercise, in the office and out. It constantly tests the quality and performance of every garment it produces. If something is not perfect, ONZIE is trying to do everything possible to correct it. Every piece that sees the light of the world has already met the highest standard. In addition, it maintains its production locally, with 99% sewing, cutting and dyeing taking place in LA.

At ONZIE they are proud to offer affordable high quality yoga clothing that is comfortable and additionally resistant to external influences such as salt water, chlorine and sweat. The clothing is designed with Free-Flow Fabric technology, which makes it functional, breathable and fashionable. We believe that you will also love this comfortable, high-quality and, above all, perfect design clothes.

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€38 –34 %

We love simplicity! The perfect combination of comfort, style and functionality is the Glossy...

3098S CARR 1
€50 up to –40 %
from €30

Sexy, elegant and fashionable bra ONZIE Selenite Carrot Mudra Bra offers you a feeling of support...

ONZIE CHIC Bra sports bra leopard15357/S
€48 –27 %

Sexy, elegant and fashionable bra gives you a feeling of support for the sport.


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