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Kvalitní oblečení na Pole Dance, Bikram Hot Jógu, Fitness... 

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Dragonfly long leggings fitness Adriana (black and gray)13425/XS

We have designed for you a long leggings with increased waist. Why, they were just called Adriana? Because these fitness leggings will make your legs look as the longest legs...

Dragonfly Back warmer to heat the body (black)13422/XS

Keep your back warm and safe before, during and also after exercise. Back warmer is ideal while waiting for performances, to warm up and stretching, where you need to keep your...

Dragonfly long fitness leggings Lisa (cyan)13323/S

It seems that leggings are the future of women's clothing, that's why we bring you a long fitness leggings Lisa . These leggings are not all intended only for fitness or...


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