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In the late 1970s, two phenomena began to be discussed in physics: Tachyon Energy and Zero Point Energy. The term Tachyon comes from the Greek ταχύς or tachys, meaning "fast". This term was first applied in scientific theory by Gerald Feinberg in 1967 in his work "Possibility of Faster-Than-Light Particles". However, mentions of particles faster than light have appeared in history before.

"Zero point energy can be described as an ocean. In that case, Tachyon is a drop in the ocean."

The classical definition describes TACHYONS as ubiquitous particles moving at a speed greater than light. The particles themselves have no frequency and cannot be called purely "energy" in the true sense of the word. The second concept, zero point energy, is present throughout the universe, has no form, is faster than light, and contains the perfect potential of everything. Zero point energy can be described as the ocean. In that case, Tachyon is a drop in the ocean. The basic feature of Tachyon is the interaction with forms that move slower than the speed of light - that is, most forms on Earth. Practically in the collision of particles with a slower frequency, Tachyon acts on these forms (eg our body) as a catalyst. The result of the interaction with the Tachyons is the pumping of the energy needed to bring it into a higher form of balance on both the physical and spiritual levels. The main advantage of tachyon energy is that it only supplies as much as is needed. Therefore, it can be said that when used correctly, tachyon energy is also relatively safe. Unlike other forms of energy, it is not possible to "overdose" Tachyon.

The side effect can be more intense feelings and emotions getting out or a detoxification process. Although the use of tachyon products can be done by almost everyone, it is always necessary to take into account your current state and intuitively approach the healing process through tachyon therapy. Patience and gradual dosing have a much more beneficial effect than shock therapy. If a certain disease is the result of long-term malfunction, we cannot expect miracles overnight. When we think about it, we realize that the tachyon energy that is all around us must have been operating since time immemorial.

What is the tachyonization process - tachyon healing

Each natural form has its own potential. Imagine that we could now multiply that potential to 1,580,000%! It does the process of tachyonization with natural materials, by changing the structure at the sub-molecular level. Tachyonization lasts 14 days, after which the object becomes a permanent transmitter of tachyon energy in a certain range. Tachyonized silicon disks or Silica disks emit compressed tachyon energy to a distance of about 2m. However, not all materials are suitable for tachyonization. They must be natural products only.

Tachyonized materials retain their potential forever, so you don't have to worry about expiration. Just as the radio will still receive sound without having to change it every year, so tachyon products are permanent antennas.

Video about the Tachyonization process by David Wagner, creator of the Tachyon Chamber:


The use of Tachyonized products may:

  • Induce natural detoxification of the organism
  • Increase the level of physical energy and sensitivity
  • Improve the absorption and metabolism of minerals and nutrients
  • It has a positive effect on the activity of the central unequal system and the functions of the brain
  • It can evoke a feeling of greater energy in the body

The concept of tachyon energy:

Today, even modern physics confirms that our body is not only composed of material matter, but also subtle energy fields, which are almost imperceptible to the naked eye, are an integral part of us. Each form has its own vibration. Different speed of vibration is what determines different properties (color, shape, strength...). Different teachings use different names such as auras, subtle bodies, energy envelopes, etc. What unites them is their connection with the ubiquitous energy found all around us. Everything is interconnected with everything. In the theory of tachyon energy, the term "Energy Continuum" is used to connect with cosmic energy. It can be imagined as a tunnel or field in which energy moves. Originally, all this energy comes from a single point. We call this point the "Zero Energy Point". What connects us to this point through the energy continuum is tachyon energy. This energy has the same properties as the zero point, except that it is structured.

Unlike all other known forms of energy (photonic, orgonic, radionic, etc.), its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is not filled with any of them. This means that even our thoughts, gravity, feelings or other energies do not change the essence of its functioning. It contains all the potential to restore the molds to their original state. It is in structuring that the main manifestation lies in all its forms. This is a basic property of tachyon energy that helps us get back into harmony with everything around us. Properly arranged structures allow for the permeability and flow of energy that nourishes our bodies, plants, animals, and all other forms in the universe. It follows from us that in order to find the right, healthy state, it is necessary to look for the causes of disharmony or blocked structures. The natural state is the free flow of energy in all directions. So what is the significance of materials that have undergone the process of tachyonization?

The Tachyonization process is officially patented. David Wagner is the only person who understands and knows the secrets of this process and therefore closely watches over it, similar to Coca-Cola. Of course, tachyonization was not always met with enthusiasm, and there were people for whom it posed a threat. He personally remembered that he had been the target of several attacks and therefore decided to secure this secret so that it would always be available to all of humanity. At the beginning of the research, as usual, he did not succeed in the first time. After several failed attempts, he managed to find a way to convert the basic structure of natural substances into antennas of tachyon energy in a tachyon chamber within 14 days.

I deliberately remember natural materials because only those are able to transform into conductors of tachyon energy. This is not possible with artificial substances. Therefore, you need to be careful what types of products some retailers offer under the Tachyon brand. Although the process of tachyonization is a mystery, it is possible to at least get closer to what tachyonization is not. The process is not based on frequency, rotation or transmission. It does not use sound, vacuum, prayer, photons, crystals, orgone energy, magnets or SE5. As already mentioned, Tachyonization creates harmonic structures from the physical to the subtle level.



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