Protection against the harmful health effects of the 5G radiation and electrosmog

tachyon protection electrosmog 5gWe have entered a new technological era, where our population is indiscriminately immersed in the world of 5G. None of the previous technologies has caused such a stir around health yet as the 5G. Today we can find multiple articles discussing the benefits as well as the possible risks associated with the use of the new 5G network. All the answers and impacts are not yet known, as the construction and implementation of 5G transmitters in practice is still new.

So far, we have had time to get acquainted with the frequency technologies of electromagnetic radiation (most commonly referred to as EMF - electomagnetic field). When an electric current flows through an electric conductor, which constantly changes its direction over time, alternating electric and magnetic fields are created around the conductor. We are aware of the risk of excessive exposure to this exact radiation.

Nowadays, we can hardly avoid electrosmog, especially if we live in big cities or travel a lot. We can try to eliminate the effects more by compensating them by time spent in nature, without any equipment. Today, the so-called online detox from the digital world is getting more and more popular.

These are the known ways of protection against the electrosmog - so far:

  • Consciously limiting  the time of using electronic devices
  • Do not leave the mobile phone switched on in the bedroom, even as an alarm clock
  • Do not sleep in a room where is a wifi router and where it is possible to use a cable connection
  • Disconnect all electrical devices in the bedroom during the night
  • Limiting the use of the microwave, or replacing it completely
  • Disconnect all electrical equipment that you do not need to use for a long time


5g frequency

The ever-growing number of people having access to the Internet, data, devices and information transfer required faster connection technology. The 5G world provides wireless network manufacturers with unsurpassed combinations of frequency that make the existing single-frequency approach to shielding, blocking, or neutralizing devices obsolete. We can count on the fact that with the growing possibilities of using 5G, the number of connected devices will increase.

The expansion of the 5G network will certainly require new transmitters and other devices operating at high frequencies. Some fear that the 5G network may be too dangerous for humans and animals. Modern networks bring many benefits in the field of science and technology, which will be very much welcomed without any doubt, however, on the other hand, there are growing concerns about the health effects of long-term exposure to 5G frequencies.

In the future we will surely meet newer, more promising technology aimed at faster transmission, and we can expect the arrival of other faster frequencies than we have seen in the past. That is why it is important to learn and expand your knowledge of how to function better in this world and protect yourself and your loved ones of the possible unwanted effects of frequencies.


Constant exposure to electrosmog has a predominantly negative and harmful effect on humans.
It can cause, among other things:

  • Poor sleep quality
  • Decrease of vitality
  • Headache
  • Impairment of concentration
  • Murmur in the ears
  • Reduction of mental and physical resilience
  • Higher pressure on the circulatory system
  • For those who are more sensitive sensitive, it will be necessary to quickly identify the environment that needs to be addressed first.

There are 6 main areas to focus on:

  • personal space
  • mobile or other phone devices
  • home environment
  • bedroom
  • car
  • work environment

Protection against the isolated frequencies by shielding is no longer considered as a final solution. Advanced Tachyon Technologies' tools built on the work of the science pioneer Nikola Tesla are a non-frequency solution of tachyonization for all the areas of life. Tachyon is not a healing technology, but rather supplies the body with the necessary energy to help itself. The tachyon particles themselves do not have any frequency and cannot be called purely "energy" in the true sense of the word. Rather, tachyons help harmonizing living structures so they can support their natural state and their own functions. 
The best natural way is to increase the biological energy of the human system to a level where the individual is not affected by 5G technology or electrosmog.


mobilephone protection

Studies have shown that the Tachyonized Micro Silica disks placed on mobile phones neutralize the negative effects of extremely low electromagnetic frequencies while also improve biological functions.


computer protection 5G

Tachyonized Silica disks are targeted the same way as tachyonized cells. The side from which the energy flows is marked with the words: "ENERGY FLOWS FROM THIS SIDE". Tachyonized Silica disks are composed of a special silicon dioxide material (they have been scientifically developed for the high-tech industry). Studies show that Tachyonized Silica disks placed on circuit breakers or at work on electric compounds neutralize the negative effects of extremely low frequencies while improving biological functions. These groundbreaking studies also show that if your home's electrical circuits are protected by Tachyonized Silica discs, food prepared on electrical appliances has more vitality.


Personal protection tachyonThis Tachyonized 5G Ultra Pocket-Pro is designed to be an effective to increase your vitality, while also protecting against the negative and harmful effects of cell phone radiation, 5G frequency and EMP magnetic fields.

See our offer of electrosmog protection devices and equipment. Flexity is the official distributor of the American company Advanced Tachyon Technologies (Planet Tachyon by David Wagner), which has been dealing with the topic of health protection and tachyon energy since the 1990s and brings innovative technologies for a safer life in today's modern age.


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