The Alo Yoga brand, well known and loved by the global yoga community, was founded in 2007 in Los Angeles by Danny Harris and Marc deGeorge. Alo specializes primarily in yoga apparel, especially in the “Athleisure” category, which operates under the slogan “studio-to- street”. So the clothes are perfect not only for yoga classes, but also as street wear. The term "Athleisure" is slowly gaining fame here, too, so let's get to know it a little better. It’s a trend where clothes, originally intended for exercise, can be worn for everyday activities as well. Alo manufactures one of the most advanced yoga clothing in the world. Their own fabrics, unique tailoring patterns, and designs are all tested by the Alo team and world famous yoga instructors to perform perfectly even in the most demanding positions and withstand frequent washing.

Each and every piece highlights the lines of your body, keeps the muscles warm, allowing you to get the most out of your workouts. The clothing is made of antimicrobial material that is guaranteed to keep you dry. Alo brings yoga to the world. Everything the company does is done for this purpose. Alo believes that a conscious life is the key to a better life. This is the true meaning of the studio-to-street mindset: we need to take note of the practice on our yoga mats and take it with us into everyday life.


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Alo stands for "Air, Land, Ocean" and emphasizes sustainability and a conscious approach to the use of natural resources, as well as taking care of our planet. The Alo apparel is therefore made of organic, sustainable materials with minimal carbon emission in a closed production cycle.

The conscious mindset fully permeates the culture of Alo, where the office is solar powered, where a yoga class is provided for the workers five days per week, as well as a zen garden for meditation, where BIO food and electric car charging station is provided and workers are given an advanced recycling program, which reduces the amount of household waste. There is also a gong that they do use. Their stores are designed to make room for the community - people and their ideas come together, accompanied by kombucha or a cup of coffee. The airy Beverly Hills store is full of life. There is even a supernatural cosmic mural on one of the walls – so stop by and embark on an astral journey :)

The Alo family is the foundation of their yoga community, which now has more than 4,000 yoga instructors and fans all around the world. The Alo family also includes the Alogives nonprofit project, which aims to provide exercise and inclusion for children. Thanks to this project, children can learn how to move better, breathe better, calm their minds, reduce negativity, reinforce positive thoughts, and find peace with the challenges of their everyday life.

The short, 5-minute videos were made for a 12-week comprehensive course to encourage children to live more fully. For more information, visit


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In addition, Alo regularly shares yoga videos on YouTube which are available to everyone.

Or you can choose a yoga class led by Alo instructors on their own paid video platform:

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