How the acupressure pad helps to reduce back and foot pain


acupressure pad back

Have you ever heard of the positive effects of the acupressure massage? The acupressure massage technique, which comes from the traditional Chinese medicine, is a very popular and widespread technique of releasing energy flows and helping reducing pain. Thanks to its countless beneficial properties, it is possible to effectively solve many health problems. Most of the yogamats look totally different than the ones used for acupressure massage. Although, at first glance, they may not give the impression of a comfortable pad (it can seem a bit scary, painful, uncomfortable), its effects will be appreciated by anyone who suffers from chronical pain.

The acupressure pad is made up of a number of small, plastic tips, that work on the principle of applying pressure to the acupressure points on the feet, or all over the body. The pad releases the blocked flow of energy in your body. At first glance, the slightly scary protrusions of the pad can actually affect several acupuncture points (meridians) of the human body at the same time. In this way, after removing the  blockages of the meridians, there is a gradual relief from unpleasant pain and you can enjoy a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

The origin of acupressure mats was mainly inspired by the principle of the Chinese acupuncture technique. While acupucnture focuses on specific points, acupressure pays attention to affect a larger number of acupressure points at the same time. However, compared to Chinese acupuncture, acupressure pads represent a modified, less intensive version that can be routinely practiced at home. Acupressure pads are a suitable solution for:

  • tension, stress and anxiety,
  • headache and neck pain
  • back pain
  • stiff muscles,
  • headaches
  • indigestion,
  • joint pain
  • circulatory problems,
  • insomnia and fatigue.


Are you interested in a home acupressure massage? Under these names, we can find today popular tools, some of which are also remembered by older generations. Many use this massage aid only in a form of a foot pad. However, the great advantage is that this medical device is available in various sizes, either as the above mentioned foot pad (reflexology massage), or for the whole body (it can be laid on it), or as a pillow under the head or in the form of whole acupressure sets. It is entirely up to each of us which alternative we choose, all of which provide positive benefits for our body. The goal is to make the use of the pad comfortable for us.

You may be wondering what is the ideal length of time to use the pad, which will really show a beneficial effect on our body. The recommended time spent on the mat is around ten to twenty minutes. If you are new to the use of this acupressure pad, you can start with shorter times and gradually increase the time. It is important to develop a gradual habit, because the use of the pad might not be immediately comfortable. Although the tips of the pad may seem unpleasant at first, after a few minutes you will start to feel the difference and from your own experience a gradual relief from pain.

Regular, conscious breathing should be exercised when using the pad as well. When using it, you have a great opportunity to train conscious relaxation, which will also relieve pain and can help us to solve various problems. Those who dare can combine the peaceful minutes spent on the acupressure mat with a few minutes of meditation.