MEINL Sonic Energy Music Therapy

MEINL Company is a family-owned manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments based in Gutenstetten, Germany.

Meinl Sonic Energy was founded in 2014. Starting out with our Planetary Tuned Gongs handmade in Germany, followed by Energy Chimes, Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls and many other instruments shortly after. It offers sound therapists and percussionists one of the largest variety of sound therapy instruments in the world.

Meinl portfolio comprising multiple brands Meinl Cymbals, Meinl Percussion, Nino Percussion, Meinl Sonic Energy, Meinl Viva Rhythm, Meinl Stick & Brush and Ortega Guitars.

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MEINL SONIC ENERGY is a collection of instruments that supports our connection to experience the body, mind and energy, as One. Is a high-quality collection of instruments which are tuned to specific frequencies. They are used for massages, in spas, in sound therapies and many other areas. It’s not about performance, it’s about letting the energy move through you. You can get lost in the sound and escape the stress of our modern society.


Many practitioners and guides within the health and wellness industry use our instruments therapeutically for stress management, anxiety relief, insomnia, depression, addiction recovery, pain management, etc...They are unique expressions of the vibrations we encounter on a daily basis and when listened to closely, seem to have a language all of their own. They invite us to appreciate the definition of all things we find harmonious in our life and through this support, our journey begins toward new peace and restoration. The Meinl Sonic Energy collection of beautifully crafted creations makes self-discovery through sound a simple, profound practice.

The most favourite instruments are TUNNING FORKS - Tuning Fork Therapy is a very gentle, yet powerful modality to treat the body and mind and restore inner balance and health. It works with the nervous system, the tissues and the more subtle energies of the body. It is deeply relaxing and restoring and can offer long-term benefits.

Tuner therapy is suitable for all ages and can be very well combined with craniosacral therapy, massages, psychoanalysis, meditations, aromatherapy, crystal therapy and other energy therapies. They can also be used in premature babies and people with mental and physical disabilities. Very good results are also recorded when used in pets in veterinary practice.

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SINGING BOWLS AND GONGS - Life is full of stress and rush. Singing bowls bring and offer sound healing more as a beautiful way to release the stress. Our cells vibrate at various frequencies of sound – that's why we use sound and vibrations to connect to these cells and organs to promote healing.

They are used for meditations, yoga mantras, space cleansing, sound healing, sound massages and therapies, chakra cleansing, sleep enhancement, concerts, music therapy and ceremonies. We classify them as healing musical instruments. We can find them under various names such as Nepalese bowls, Meditation bowls, Indian bowls, singing bowls, resonant bowls, Buddhist bowls, etc. There are two types of bowls - handcrafted or machine made bowls. Also bowls beautifully decorated, engraved or clean without a pattern.

DRUMS AND PERCUSSIONS - Drums and percussion instruments are a great accessories in sound therapies. MEINL Sonic Energy Hand Drums are usually hand made from goatskin for even thickness and warm resonant tones. They have excellent acoustic properties and they are easy shaped to comfortable grip. They are very popular for group sessions and therapies. Percussion instruments such as Shakers, Rainsticks, Chimes (chimes), Digeridoo or Thunder drums are instruments that create atmospheric sounds. They are easy to use, creating unique sound effects and last but not least, healing musical instruments. Recent studies have found that playing on Didgeridoo reduces snoring and sleep apnoe by strengthening the breathe muscles.

GONGS are traditional hand-made tools in China. They are one of the oldest instruments ever, sources say up to 4,000 years, even older then Tibetan singing bowls. They are made of a special bronze alloy, which offers exceptional durability and a dominant resonant tone. They produce a strong low sound, which opens nicely when playing harder. Each gong contains a gong stick designed specifically to obtain the best sound corresponding to the size of the gong.

THE HANDPAN IS AN INSTRUMENT OF HEART, BODY & SPIRIT.  All people needs these three dimensions be in harmony, so Handpan is a great chance to discover yourself, through rhythm and melodies. The handpan is an old musical instrument from 19th and 20th centuries. At that time, the first attempts at melodic instruments made of metal began to appear in Trinidad and Indonesia. These instruments had several tones around the perimeter tuned to different scales and were played mostly with drumsticks. They were basically the forerunners of today's handpan. Today, the Handpan has a beautiful, rich, resonant, magical sound with perfectly tuned higher harmonic tones.

KALIMBA - originally from Africa. It is a more than 1000-year-old original African musical instrument, also known as "Mbira" and "Sansa" or simply "Thumb Piano". Metal lamellas are placed on a wooden resonant box, on which they "strum" with their thumbs to create a metallic soft sound. It is an excellent tool for relaxation and the development of fine motor skills in children and is also used in selective therapy and sound massages.

There are many other sonic healing tools in the world that can heal or can be used to heal the body and soul. We have been listening to the phrase "music heals" since ancient times, and it really does. Meinl Sonic Energy clearly brings you many benefits of this amazing sound and treatment therapy.