How to choose a meditation cushions



In addition to meditation, meditation cushions are generally used in pranayama exercises, i.e. breathing techniques and exercises, or as support for asana exercises, or just to sit on the ground. Use pillows to improve your yoga sitting position - pleasant sitting = sukhasana, diamond sitting = vajrasan, hero = virasana, or sitting suitable for alternating breath = nadi shodhana with knees bent and feet leaning on the ground, elbows resting on the ground knees.

When choosing a cushion, follow the size of your body and the flexibility of the loins and the strength of the back erectors, eg. stiffened figures need a higher pillow so that when crossing the ankles, the knees are at least equal to the hips = hips and can thus descend.



If you are a beginner, your back hurts when you are sitting, or your knees are higher than your hips (stiffer loins) when you are sitting, choose a higher pillow.
If you are more robust, choose a wider and flatter pillow. Also, if you need better seating stability, choose a pillow with a wider base. This means type ZAFU, resp. Flat Rondo.
If you need more foot space, choose a crescent or heart shaped pillow.


RONDO = seamless, lower, base more stable, approx. 15-20 cm height, diameter 24-35 cm (depending on the type of pillow and manufacturer).


ZAFU = with seams, taller, rounder, wider, more foot space, approx. 20 cm height, diameter up to 38 cm.   

PRANAYAMA = rectangular shape for a broad base and support.

Please note that the cushion height is only approximate. It is possible that at the beginning, after purchase, the pillow will be higher and with gradual usage will lower down. Depending on the manufacturer, the cushion filling can be removed at any time and added if necessary.


kapok-natural-fibre-33-p   kapok (= cotton, like cotton)> "quiet", lighter and durable - long lasting material



spalda    spelt (= cereal hulls)> slightly heavier in weight, gently whispering, shaped to the body, has the ability to absorb heat and heat.