Bodhi acupressure set VITAL ECO XL 130 cm

Brand: Bodhi Yoga

The Vital ECO acupressure set is your limit after long and strenuous work. It stimulates the meridians / acupressure points of the body and improves the flow of energy for the revitalizing and rebalancing effect. The mat is useful for neck and back pain, headaches, joint problems, chronic fatigue and sleep disorders, digestive problems or poor blood circulation. The set contains a mat and pillow, the material is purely natural and ECO.

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Bodhi acupressure set VITAL ECO XL 130 cm
Brand: Bodhi Yoga
536e wellness entspannung akupressur xl set eco kokos matte komplett
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Bodhi acupressure set VITAL ECO XL 130 cm


  • Acupressure mat VITAL ECO: 130 x 50 cm with 14,580 tips
  • VITAL acupressure pillow ECO: 37 x 26 cm with 1,377 spikes
  • Including a practical transport bag made of semi-flax

settings FEATURES

  • VITAL Acupressure mat with 6,260 acupressure points
  • VITAL Acupressure pillow with 1,377 acupressure points
  • Cover made of 50% flax and 50% cotton, filled with natural coconut fibers
  • The acupressure pillow also has a cover and is filled with buckwheat peels
  • Contains a bag for carrying or storing the kit
  • Vital acupressure mat stimulates the body's meridians / acupressure points and improves energy flow for revitalizing and rebalancing effect
  • Vital mat can be useful for neck and back pain, headaches, joint problems, chronic fatigue and sleep disorders, digestive problems, poor circulation and much more
  • The small plastic tips are made of ABS plastic, as are the keys on the computer keyboard and LEGO toys. It is safe to use and FDA approved

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adjustments CARE

The cover is removable with a zipper, made of 50% linen and 50% cotton. Acupressure spines are made of ABS plastic. We recommend warm water with a little detergent for cleaning. Wash by hand, allow to dry freely.

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Advantages of the VITAL acupressure mat

The positive effects of the VITAL acupressure mat are based on acupressure, which is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In acupressure, the flow of energy is improved by applying pressure to the body's energy points, improving organ function and helping to relieve pain.
This species has been used to heal body and mind for over 4,000 years.
The VITAL acupressure mat stimulates the body's acupressure points, thus supporting the flow of energy and having a revitalizing and balancing effect.

Lying on a mat on a regular basis can be beneficial for:
Stress, neck and headaches, back and joint pain, tension, sciatica, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, indigestion, lack of blood circulation and much more. Just a 10-minute rest on an acupressure mat to notice the change, e.g. like heat in parts of the body that now have better circulation.

Intensified blood circulation also improves the supply of nutrients to the tissue and lowers blood pressure. Some athletes also use an acupressure mat to shorten the recovery time after training and to improve their performance.

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Category: Massage Accessories
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The German company  Bodhi-Bodynova focuses on yoga equipment such as mats for various styles of yoga,meditation pillows, bolsters, bags, blocks, straps, and accessories such as relaxation eye pillows and statuettes, teapots, blankets.  

We also offer items for massages, Pilates and fitness. Like the Bodhi Yamadhi and Niyama clothing brands, the Bodhi brand focuses primarily on product quality at affordable prices.

Bodhi Phoenix and Bodhi Ecopro are among the most popular mats of Flexity brand, and in Germany and France, they are available in various colors, lengths and widths. The Maharaja color collection is represented by the popular meditation pillow and bolster.

Bodhi focuses primarily on natural materials that do not harm the environment or your health and is one of the largest manufacturers in this segment. As one of the few yoga companies, Bodhi tests its mats by independent SGS institutes for harmful ingredients (Eko-Tex Standard 100 EU).

Flexity is the official distributor of the Bodhi brand in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.bodhi_logo_new