Bodhi Yogi Mug Ceramic mug Sun Salutation 300 ml

Brand: Bodhi Yoga

Mug in which you will love to prepare your favorite hot beverage.

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Bodhi Yogi Mug Ceramic mug Sun Salutation 300 ml
Brand: Bodhi Yoga
Bodhi Yogi Mug ceramic mug Sun Salutation 300 ml198/S164
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Enjoy the moment - sip by sip. Ceramic mug not just for Yoga Fans. A fabulous gift for a friend or why not for yourself? Mug bottom with OM-Print, there are 6 beautiful design printing.


Settings features:

Material Ceramics

Volume: 300 ml

Size: 8.5 x 8.3 cm


Additional parameters

Category: Eco-Friendly Yoga Cups, Mugs and Bottles
Warranty: 2 years


The German company  Bodhi-Bodynova focuses on yoga equipment such as mats for various styles of yoga,meditation pillows, bolsters, bags, blocks, straps, and accessories such as relaxation eye pillows and statuettes, teapots, blankets.  

We also offer items for massages, Pilates and fitness. Like the Bodhi Yamadhi and Niyama clothing brands, the Bodhi brand focuses primarily on product quality at affordable prices.

Bodhi Phoenix and Bodhi Ecopro are among the most popular mats of Flexity brand, and in Germany and France, they are available in various colors, lengths and widths. The Maharaja color collection is represented by the popular meditation pillow and bolster.

Bodhi focuses primarily on natural materials that do not harm the environment or your health and is one of the largest manufacturers in this segment. As one of the few yoga companies, Bodhi tests its mats by independent SGS institutes for harmful ingredients (Eko-Tex Standard 100 EU).

Flexity is the official distributor of the Bodhi brand in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.bodhi_logo_new